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    Who is Casey Adams?

    Casey Adams is a 17 year old Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker who has been able to turn his negative situation into a positive outcome. After almost becoming paralyzed during a football injury, Casey was able to start his journey by looking at ways to leverage social media.


    Casey is the Founder of "Rise of The Young," and runs a top 50 Business Podcast known as " The Rise of The Young Podcast." Casey is a brand strategist, and has worked with many top influencers in the entrepreneurial space. Casey is an advocate for branding, and he knows the power of a brand. He's been able to build his personal following to over 300,000+ followers, and has helped other entrepreneurs do the same. 


    Also, Casey is the CEO of a marketing agency known as Viral Prime Marketing, and CEO of the brand "Build Your Empire." Casey has had the privilege to travel all over the United States hosting mastermind events with over 200+ people at each event. At these events, Casey teaches personal branding, social media marketing, networking, and much more regarding social media.

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    Forbes Feature

    Casey Adams was featured in a Forbes article about "10 Great Lessons From Millennial entrepreneurs. He spoke about his story, and gave advise about starting an online business.

    ABC Channel 8 News

    TV interview

    On ABC Casey talked about how he was able to monetize Snapchat to grow his Snapchat marketing course. Also, Casey went over how he was able to turn his negative situation into a positive outcome. Lastly, Casey went over how he was diagnosed with interspinious ligament damage, and how it impacted his life.

    The Huffington Post

    Personal Interview

    Check out Casey's personal interview with The Huffington Post. He goes over what he has accomplished, and what others can do to reach their goals. Check out his interview today, and learn more about Casey Adams.


    BuzzFeed Interview

    Casey Adams was interviewed by BuzzFeed, and spoke about his journey as a young entrepreneur. Also, he spoke about his book "Rise of The Young," and talked about the purpose of his book.

    Future Sharks

    Future Sharks Interview

    Casey Adams was featured in Future Sharks, and talked about his new book "Rise of The Young." He goes over his purpose as a young entrepreneur, and talks about what others can do to achieve their goals.

    Addicted To Success

    Addicted To Success Interview

    Casey Adams was featured in Addicted To Success, and the article discussed about Casey, and what he's been doing to create such a massive brand at only 17.

  • My Story

    Turning a negative situation into a positive outcome


    While I was a sophomore in high school something happened to me that would change the direction of my life forever. I was diagnosed with interspinious ligament damage while playing football, and I was told that I could have potentially been paralyzed. During this time in my life I was told by the doctors that I will never be able to play football again in my life. This was shocking news for me because football was my absolute passion. Furthermore, I was told that I had to be in a neck brace for over 10 weeks. All of this negativity came into my life so quickly, and I became very depressed and had no idea how to handle the situation. This was the turning point in my life that changed the direction of my future.


    During this negative point in my life I was stuck in a neckbrace, and I had gotten my passion completely pulled away from me. I was stuck in a negative situation, and hated life during this time. As I was stuck at home in my neck brace during this time, one day I ran across a Tai Lopez video talking about his 67 step course. At the time I had never bought any course online, but after watching a video about his steps I was instantly interested in how to have the good life. I took action and bought his 67 step program, and I began getting into personal development.


    Getting into personal development led me into many different industries, and overall allowed me to find my purpose. Since then I have became a #1 New Release Author on my book "Rise of The Young," as well as I've started my own Snapchat Marketing course to teach people how I was able to monetize Snapchat. I helped many people along the way, and even got featured on Forbes, ABC Channel 8 News and The Huffington Post, and much more. After networking with many successful individuals on social media, I was invited to speak on stage with many successful individuals such as Gerard Adams, Jeremy Haynes, Joshua Earp, Caleb Maddix, Matt Maddix, and many more successful individuals. I was also personally invited out to Beverly Hills, California to feature in Tai Lopez's Travel CEO course. In Tai's course, I go over how to leverage media sources to gain credibility for your brand. Also, I am now helping many individuals with developing their brand story on social media.

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